Posters by Department - 2020

Biomedical Engineering

Ahmed, Tanvir Development Of A Vision Based Motion Imitation System To Provide Mirror Therapy With A Wearable Upper Extremity Robotic Exoskeleton
Mostaghimi, Soudeh Effect Of Far-red Photo-biomodulation In The Metabolic State Of Diabetic Wounds
Qashqai, Anahita Three-dimensional Gait Dynamics In Children With Hypermobile Ehlers-danlos Syndrome
De Leo, Anthony Emg Analysis Of Upper Limb Kinematics
Ebben, Alessandra Role Of Cancer Cells On Force Transmission In A Multicomponent, Multicell Model Of The Endothelium
Murray, Mitchell Force Prediction Of The Biceps Brachii Muscle Using Emg Analysis
Quinn, John Modeling Of Circulating Cancer Cells
Salunke, Kaveri Self-healing In Biological And Manmade Systems
Slawinski, Marina Shape Programming Of Protein Hydrogels Using Metal Cations
Vigon, Nicole Evaluation Of Lower Extremity Kinematics During Gait In Children With Hypermobility Ehlers-danlos Syndrome

Civil & Enviromental Engineering

Modaresahmadi, Kiana In Situ Treatment Of Phosphorus In Agricultural Runoff With A Novel Green Engineered Removal
Trisha, Shamsi How Bikeshare Is Changing City Transit? Evidence From The City Of Chicago Public Transit And Micro-
Albarqawi, Mohammad Mechanical Behavior Of Additively Manufactured Open Porous Scaffold Structures For Bone Tissue Engineering
Elyasigorji, Azam Corrosion Detection In Bridge Structures Using Magnetic Based Non Destructive Evaluations
Elyasigorji, Farzaneh Reducing Carbon Footprint Using Industrial Byproducts As Sustainable Replacement Of Portland Cement
Jin, Zihao Smart Network Smart Decision: The Next Generation Transportation Management System
Wang, Te-an Experimental Study On Side Resistance Of Energy Pile In Winter-mode Operation
Chapman, Louis Engineered Material For Removal Of Ammonia From Water
Khaitan, Raunak Real-time Mobility Assistance For The Legally Blind
Stern, Gabriel 3d Printing Of Auxetic Concrete

Computer Science

Redlam, Ravi Santosh Sriram Sampath Gender And Age Classification Using Machine Learning
Anisuzzaman, D M Intelligent Localization Of Wound Region From 2d Images
Barzekar, Hosein Osteosarcoma Detection Using Deep Learning On Histopathology Images
Ngui, Isaac Kinematic Trajectory Tracking Control Of Omnidirectional Mobile Robot
Thompson, Andrew Clean Water In Port Report: Dockside Particle Detector Environmental Analysis

Electrical Engineering

Poddar, Swadesh Design And Analysis Of Fully-electronic Magnet-free Non-reciprocal Devices
Wang, Chuanbo Fully Automatic Wound Segmentation With Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
Banihashemi, Farzad Medium Voltage Hybrid Circuit Breaker Using Dual Contact Mechanical Circuit Breaker
Davis, Sachin The Future Of Biofilm Detection
Foomani, Farnaz Optical Imaging Of Cardiac Mitochondrial Dysfunction In Transgenic Mice Model
Hosseini, Rasoul Design And Optimization Of A High Frequency Power Transformer For Solid State Transformer Application
Hu, Yangpingqing Fpga Reconfiguration Using Physical Unclonable Functions (puf)
Jerez, Carlos Scatter Reduction By Exploiting Behaviour Of Convolutional Neural Networks In Frequency Domain
Karami, Marzieh Low Speed Operation Of Electric Drives
Rostami, Behrouz Multiclass Wound Image Type Classification Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
Hable, Basil Monitoring Canal Water: A Case Study
Hicks, Kevin Electrochemical Sensor For Detection Of Phosphorus In Stormwater
Karanam, Ramprasad Detection Of Biofilm In Varying Environments

Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering

Khamechian, Mohammad A Mathematical Modeling Approach To University Course Planning

Materials Science & Engineering

Chen, Xi Inter-layer-calated Thin Li Metal Anode With Improved Battery Capacity Retention And Dendrite Suppression
Heintzkill, Reed Anitimicrobial Surface Coatings To Reduce Spread Of Pathogens
Jamel, Murtatha Developing Casting And Quenching Systems For Flammable-reactive Metals
Ortiz, Lizeth Performance Of Alumina Forming Alloys Under Coking-decoking Cycles
Shang, Mingwei A Fast Charge/discharge And Wide-temperature Battery With A Germanium Oxide Layer On A Ti3c2 Mxene Matrix As Anode
Tamaddonimoghaddam, Sahebeh Drinking Water Treatment By Using Polymer Nanocomposites
Cao, Selena Novel Porous Material For The Removal Of Lead From Water
Coello, Ismael Decoking Atmospheres On Alumina-forming Alloys
El-meanawy, Samia Infiltration Of Mixture Of Coarse Nickel Powder And Graphene By Molten Aluminum To Form Metal Graphene Composites
Gomez Cazares, Daniel Nanoporous Adsorbents Based On Zeolitic Imidazolate Frameworks For The Removal Of Heavy Metals
Jaimes, Miguel Continuous Covalent Organic Framework Membranes For Dye/salt Separation
Olson, Alexander 3d Printing And Recycling Of Smart Composites
Ullberg, Hannah Casting Of Magnesium Foam For Bone Regrowth

Mechanical Engineering

Swapnil, Asif Al Zubayer Development Of A Flexible Printed Circuit Coil Based Inductive Proximity Sensor
Abousabae, Mohamed Experimental And Numerical Investigation Of The Factors Affecting The Liquid Break- up Phenomena In The Solid Rocket Motor C-d Nozzle
Abbas, Ahmad Investigation Of Newly Developed Rim-drive Micro And Pico Kaplan Hydro-turbine Performance
Abdelhadi, Ahmad Energy Saving Study For Different Sectors
Al Hamad, Saif Performance Analysis Of Hillside Solar Tower Systems
Aldaradkah, Hani The Wind Power Potential In Confronting The World's Escalating Energy Demand
Assad-uz-zaman, Md A Supervised Rehabilitation Scheme Using Nao Robot
Hasan, Alaa Global Warming Is A Real Threat, Wind Power As A Safeguard
Islam, Md Rasedul An Upper Limb Rehabilitative Robot With Ergonomic Shoulder To Provide Patient Tailored Therapy
M. Selim, Osama Biomass Energy Resources With Livestock Manure
Mobadersani, Parham Numerical Study Of Heat Transfer In Channels With Triangular Ribs
Nourin, Farah Nazifa Heat Transfer Enhancement Of A Two Pass Cooling Channel For Gas Turbine Blades
Qandil, Mohammad Optimization Of Hybrid Systems For A Residential Building In The Remote Areas
Qiu, Dantong Natural Silk Derived Tin Oxide/nitrogen-doped Carbon As Anode Material For Li-ion Battery
Qu, Huainan Fast And Controllable Prelithiation Of Hard Carbon Anodes For Lithium-ion Batteries
Rahman, Mohammad Rizwen Ur Trap Geometry Characterization Of Flow Through Dielectrophoretic-microfluidic Device For Particle
Rezaee, Maysam Interlayer Bonding Characterization Of Rgo-based Electronics
Salem, Abdel Rahman Experimental And Numerical Study Of Jet Impingement Cooling For
Sanjuan De Caro, Javier Dario Optimal Design Of A Cable-driven Wrist Prosthesis
Tsai, Li-chih Study Of Adhesive Properties Between Reduced Graphene Oxide And Thin Film
Camber, Kaley Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics With Aluminum Honeycomb Core Design Methodology For Space
Casper, Cody Image Processing As An Important Tool For Research Activities
Coey, Michael Analysis And Design Of Plate Fin Heat Exchangers For Use In Natural Gas Liquefaction
Hackett, Evan Addition Of Cerium To A Base 390 Aluminum Alloy