Posters by Student - 2021

Name Acad Stat Department Poster Title
Abdelhadi, Ahmad Ph.D. ME Cavitation Prediction Over A 6-blade Kaplan Turbine
Abousabae, Mohamed Ph.D. ME Investigation Of Liquid Droplet Flow Behavior In A Vertical Nozzle Chamber
Al Hamad, Saif Ph.D. ME Effect Of The J-shaped Airfoil Opening Ratio On The Performance Of Symmetrical Airfoils
Alonso, Andrea Undergraduate BME The Impact Of Disturbed Flow Induced Arterial Stiffness On Mechanotransduction In Endothelial Cells
Behera, Swaroop Ph.D. MS&E Predictive Analysis Of Water Wettability And Corrosion Resistance Of Secondary Alsi10mnmg(fe) Alloy Manufactured By Vacuum Assisted High Pressure Die Casting
Brzozowski, Thomas Undergraduate BME Potential Of Magnesium Composite Orthopedic Foams Optimized For Bone Regrowth
Cao, Selena Undergraduate MS&E Removal Of Ciprofloxacin From Water Using Modified Natural Porous Material
Chapman, Louis Undergraduate C&EE Modified Material For Removal Of Ammonia From Water
Chatradi, Sahithi M.Sc. EE High Performance Computing For Advanced Power Controls
Coello, Ismael Undergraduate MS&E Performance Of Alumina-forming Alloys In Decoking Atmospheres
Connaughton, Morgan Undergraduate BME A Meta-analysis On Prevalence Of Organ-specific Cancer And Hypertension
Daali, Amine Ph.D. I&ME A Practical Phosphorus-based Anode Material For High-energy Lithium-ion Batteries
Davis, Brandon Undergraduate CS Ethics Of Modern Recommendation Systems
Davis, Sachin Ph.D. EE Identifying The Hidden Enemy - Biofilm
Elsayed, Osama Ph.D. ME Waste To Energy And Landfills “we Are Running Out Of Space”
Gilhaus, Nicholas Undergraduate ME Srm Submergent Nozzle Particle Breakup Analysis
Giovannetti, Nicholas M.Sc. EE Validation Of Grid Integrated Pv And Storage Control Methods
Gudex, Jacob Ph.D. EE Multiple Line-to-ground Fault Characterization And Mitigation In Mvdc Shipboard Electrical Systems
Habahs, Omar Ph.D. ME Starting Torque Improvement Of H Type Darrieus Wind Turbine
Haider, Muhammad Istiaque Ph.D. ME Shape Memory Alloy’s Post Constrained Recovery Residual Stress (pcrrs): A Potential To A Paradigm Shift In Smart Materials
Hasan, Alaa Ph.D. ME Optimizing The Power Reclamation In The Aeration Basins Of Wwtps
Hasan, Md Syam Ph.D. ME Triboinformatics: Combining Machine Learning With Studies Of Friction And Wear Of Al/gr Mmcs
Hasan, Sk Ph.D. ME Development Of An Adaptive Controller For Human Lower Extremity Exoskeleton Robot
Hicks, Kevin Undergraduate EE Electrochemical Sensor For Detection Of Phosphorus In Stormwater
Hu, Xiaowei Ph.D. I&ME Public Policies, Economics, And Operations Research: A Trident For Resource Scarcity And Supply Chain Disruption
Huerta, Rosalba Undergraduate C&EE Investigation On Magnetic Concrete For Additive Manufacturing
Huffman, Corey Undergraduate BME Design And Development Of A Cable-driven Wrist prosthesis
Jankowski, Kaitlyn Undergraduate CS Wisdot Dt4000 Crash Report Narrative Survey
Jerez, Carlos Ivan Ph.D. EE Scatter Reduction By Exploiting Behavior Of Convolutional Neural Networks In Frequency Domain
Juntunen, Cory Ph.D. ME Deep Learning Assisted Fourier Transform Imaging Spectroscopy
Kandula, Vinay Kumar Reddy M.Sc. CS Energy Information And Monitoring( Enimo )
Khamechian, Mohammad Ph.D. I&ME University Course Classroom Assignment During A Pandemic
Kheirandish, Elaheh Ph.D. EE Light Emission Study Of Ti Superlattice Doped 2d G-alumina Grown By Graphene-assisted Atomic Layer Deposition
Kordijazi, Amir Ph.D. MS&E Tribo-informatics: An Emerging New Paradigm In The Surface Studies Of Materials Based On The Application Of Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Methods
Kutubi, Hameed Undergraduate C&EE Ntegrated Modeling And Drainage Design Of A Post-development Ravine Catchment In Lake Park, Mke
Lin, Yuting Ph.D. EE Photoluminescence And Photoconduction Characteristics Of Crystalline Quasi Two Dimensional ??-alumina Grown By Graphene Assisted Atomic Layer Deposition
Lira, Andres Undergraduate EE Optically Based Sensor-platform For Visualization And Detection Of Bacteria And Cryptosporidium In Water
Liu, Xiaoyu Ph.D. CS Should I Trust This Piece Of News? A Supervised Machine Learning Approach To Predict The Reliability Of Health News
Menon, Manav Undergraduate ME Developing A Programmable Lab-on-a-chip (loc) Platform
Mobadersani, Parham Ph.D. ME Arsenic Removal From Drinking Water
Modi, Preet M.Sc. ME Development Of Novel Iiot Based Framework For Teleoperation Of Collaborative Robot
Mostaghimi, Soudeh M.Sc. BME Vascular Injuries In Irradiated Kidneys
Murray, Mitchell Undergraduate ME Surface Emg Analysis Of Forearm Muscle Activation At Various Grip Positions
Nafsin, Nabila Ph.D. C&EE Monitoring Fecal Indicator Bacteria In Shoreline Water And Beach Sand Of Lake Michigan
Noor, Syeda Mahmuda Ph.D. C&EE Hydrological Impact Of Beaver Habitat Restoration In The Milwaukee River Watershed
Nourin, Farah Nazifa Ph.D. ME A Pandemic| Rapid Response Needed|3d Printing
Olson, Alexander Undergraduate BME 3d Printing And Recycling Of Smart Composites
Olson, Ryan M.Sc. EE Modeling And Validation Of Emi Trends In Medium Voltage Isolated Dc-dc Converters
Omranian, Sammie Ph.D. CS Topic Modeling In Opioid Dependence Treatment Reviews
Pashaei Kalajahi, Amin Ph.D. ME Deep Data Assimilation For Source Tracking In Pollution Monitoring
Putzier, Isaac Undergraduate ME Synthesis Of Polyurethane Foam With Iron Oxide Nanoparticles For Arsenic Filtration
Qandil, Mohammad Ph.D. ME Optimization For Aeration Treatment For Cavitation Phenomena In Hydrofoil With Different Angle-of-attack
Rahman, Mohammad Rizwen Ur Ph.D. ME Planar Geometry Effect On Microparticle Trapping Using Dielectrophoretic Force
Rane, Kaustubh Ph.D. MS&E In-situ Surface Alloying Of Mild Steel During Casting Process
Rulik, Ivan M.Sc. ME Finger/chin Joystick Control For Robotic Arms And Power Wheelchair Systems
Saadeh, Walaa Ph.D. ME Design And Analysis Of High Efficiency Magnetic Separator
Sabbaghi, Mohsen Ph.D. EE Target Counting And Location Detection In Electromagnetics Using Artificial Intelligence
Sadabadi, Hamed Ph.D. MS&E Structural Characterization Of Lacoo3 Perovskite Nanoparticles Synthesized By Sol-gel Auto-combustion Method
Sadeghi, Benyamin Ph.D. I&ME An Automatic System To Monitor The Physical Distance And Face Mask Wearing Of Construction Workers In Covid-19 Pandemic
Salem, Abdel Rahman Ph.D. ME Power Reclamation Of Utilizing Micro Hydro Turbines In Wastewater Treatment Plants’ Aeration Basins
Scannell, Natasha M.Sc. CS The Search For Life: Exoplanet Detection With Deep Learning
Schillinger, Madison Undergraduate BME Applying Hemodynamics In Treatment Planning For Aneurysms
Schoof, Mason Undergraduate C&EE Detecting Defects And Deformation Of Cellular-lightweight Concrete Masonry Through Mining Point-cloud Data
Sen, Rakesh M.Sc. ME An Inexpensive Disposable Sensor For Detection Of Phosphate Using Ammonium Molybdate And Pyrrole Nanocomposites Drop Casting
Siddaiah, Rounak Ph.D. EE Virtual Prototyping Of Mv Power Converters
Slawinski, Marina Undergraduate BME Manipulation Of Mechanical Properties In Protein-polysaccharide Hydrogels
Tucker, Annelise Undergraduate BME Does Hypertension Promote Drug Particle Intake And Distribution Across Cancer Cells?
Ullberg, Hannah Undergraduate MS&E Cast Magnesium Foam For Energy Absorption And Bone Regrowth
Valentine, Nathaniel Undergraduate C&EE Collecting Data For Finding A Mathematical Solution To Gerrymandering?
Vanden Boomen, Ryan M.Sc. CS Application Of Deep Learning For Imaging-based Stream Gaging
Vygoder, Mark Ph.D. EE Towards Quantification And Assessment Of Resiliency For Power Electronic-based Electrical Distribution Systems
Wang, Yale Ph.D. ME Quantitative Analysis Of The Synergistic Effect Of Au Nanoparticles On Sno2-rgo Nanocomposites For Room Temperature Hydrogen Sensing
Wenzel, Trevor Undergraduate ME Tilt Control And User Interface Implementation On Existing Cruzbike Q45 Recumbent Bicycle
Wolf, Erich Undergraduate ME Designing Unit Cell For Arsenic Filtration
Zemajtis, Filip Ph.D. MS&E Nano-engineered Coatings With Hydrophobic, Antimicrobial, And Photocatalytic Properties
Zhao, Yanan Ph.D. C&EE Pfass Distribution In Wisconsin